Our short film THE RESERVIST is online (with English subtitles) on YouTube and Vimeo!

Private Joseph Danton (David Doukhan ) returns after 10 years to his native village. Welcomed by his uncle Gerard (Michael Pichet), who raised him, Joseph starts gradually enjoying life again. This will soon be interrupted when a crooked promoter decides to buy the whole region in order to build a recreation center.

The film, directed by Mathieu Berthon (Feed To Kill, Ninja Eliminator IV: The french connection), takes us back to the golden age of Cannon Films and bad-ass manly movies of the 80s. Brutal, grotesque, action-packed, gory and hilarious, Le Réserviste finds military vet Joseph Danton decimating bad guys in the fashion of one-man-army classics such as Commando and Deadly Prey.

Thomas Barrandon brilliantly scores the film with superb synth compositions reminiscent of John Carpenter, Tangerine Dream, and the soundtrack to weird movies you stumbled upon in the middle of the night in 1983. It goes from eerie to epic, frightening to nostalgic…and yes there is a saxophone solo! A must-have for any soundtrack fan out there.

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We shooted it with a very lowbudget (less than 13,000 $) but with a lot of passion!

The Behind scenes